Sick Guilt!

So, I’m sick! Woe is me….and I feel worse not being at school! I have these visions of my students wasting their time doing colouring sheets and endless photocopied tasks when there is so much to do! It’s irrational and negative energy wasted on actually getting better, I know all of that. So my question; why do we care so much? Can’t we just be sick and not give them a second thought?
I know my students would be having a ball- swapping names, swapping seats, all the joys of your teacher being away!
Enjoy kids! Ms Fitz will be alive and kicking again, can’t wait- kind of miss my Class of MisFitz!

3 thoughts on “Sick Guilt!

  1. Oh no! Are you still sick? WE worry as we think we are indispensible. So sorry to tell you but I have realised over time that we are all replaceable. Scarey! But we care because we have our student’s learning centre and front all the time. I would be worried if you weren’t guilty.

    Hope you’re on the mend and this is an old post, we miss you at school,

    Cheers from Jenny

  2. Oh yes I can see you rolling your eyes and wondering/fully knowing what your kids are doing! Yes I agree being away means time lost, time lost and time lost! We are always racing the clock and in many ways time is our enemy. Often we come to school sick rather than be away and have to play huge catch up when we get back!

  3. I thnk we all feel the same when we are not at school! Lost time is always a stress. It also the re setting of boundaries on your return.

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