Quadblogging -why Jen, why?

Well, it’s for our VIT registration! But really, it’s about more! Jen tells us it’s “good for you”!

Really?  What do we really think about Quadblogging? Are we game to write what we think? Afterall, Jen will be reading this…that I know for sure! Is it a pain in the butt, just something extra, or should we be embracing it?  C’mon my quadblogging team, tell me what you think!

We really do need to be engaged in our professional conversations about learning and teaching.  I know that’s where I get my best ideas!  Talking to my colleagues, asking them questions, celebrating the small things, what’s working well, what’s not working well.  My problem is, I’m no writer, who cares what I have to say, what if I sound like an idiot, what if there are spelling and grammar mistacks (can’t have that as a teacher) 😉

Looks like it’s here to stay, so I best get over myself and get blogging…with my team of quadbloggers. See you all in the bloggersphere 🙂